Children Support Centre of Elefsis

The third parent for children

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Our life at the Love Center


The Friendly Nest, the most vital part of the Children Support Centre of Elefsis, functions as if it is the third parent and deals with the pedagogical and educational direction of the children. • Approximately 140 Love Meals are offered daily • Aids • Leisure programs such as theater, dance, music, crafts, computers, etc. • Afternoon meal • Sports (basketball, team games, volleyball, etc.) As they leave, the children take food with them for the rest of the family. Also, in collaboration with the local community (municipal businesses, tuition centers, sports clubs) children attend piano lessons, dance, guitar, gymnastics, etc. It makes sure that children visit regularly and outside the Love Center (museums, archeological sites, theaters). ) and visits to various cultural centers such as the Hellenic Foundation, the House of Letters and Arts, the Niarchos Foundation, etc.

Our life at the Centre


The Children Support Centre of Elefsis supports families in the area who face social exclusion as well as families who need help. The long-term action of the Center and its effectiveness is for the residents of Thriasio Pedio a body where they can turn without hesitation and ask for help for anything that concerns them such as, e.g. information and support on issues of access to care, welfare services, etc.

Our Friendly Nest

We need you too to continue to exist

The Children Support Centre of Elefsis is an open Centre on the Protection and Support of Children and Families. It was established in 1964, by the Head Priest of Elefsis and Professor of Theology Giorgos Pirounakis. It is a non-profit association and relies on volunteerism. It provides psycho-social support to children and families facing adjustment and integration problems in the social environment from Greece, as well as from countries such as Albania, Russia, India, Turkey, etc.

The Children Support Centre of Elefsis actively participates in social developments that significantly affect our country (unemployment, poverty, political refugees, economic migrants) by offering numerous and organised psycho social support programmes for children and their families.
The management and implementation of these programmes is successfully completed by highly specialised experts of the Children Support Centre of Elefsis, as well as by the approximately 80 volunteers. The main characteristic of this effort is volunteerism as a way of life in relation to fellow human beings.

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Donation Amount

The project

The project "Building Society" aims to support and empower children and their families of social vulnerable groups, for their social integration and the effective attendance of the children in the schools of Thriasio area.

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Funding Program

The EEA Grants are available to the 13 EU member countries that joined the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) in 2004, 2007 and 2013 as well as Greece and Portugal.

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