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The Friendly Nest is the most crucial department of the Children Support Centre of Elefsis and deals with the pedagogical and educational guidance of children.
  • The Centre feeds daily an average of 140 children 
  • Pedagogical programmes for children and adolescents
  • Children come to the Nest after school and enjoy their lunch, which is prepared by our volunteers on a daily basis.
  • Then, the children may choose to do their homework and participate in the offered educational and recreational programmes (theatre, dancing, music, handicrafts, sculpture, PC use, etc.).
  • At the end of these activities, children enjoy their afternoon meal and then it is time for sports (basketball, team sports, volleyball, etc.).
At the end of the day and before they leave, the children are given a package of food each to take home for the rest of the family. The Centre cooperates with other agencies in the area, so that the children can take piano, guitar, organ, gymnastics and other lessons.
Moreover, the children participate in other activities as well, both inside and outside the Centre, such as cultural activities, including regular visits to museums, archaeological sites, parks and theatres; or sports activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, ping pong.