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The HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility actions that it implements, undertakes the program "Actions for Life in the Friendly Nest", which includes creative employment, entertainment and education of the children of the Friendly Nest.

The programme is based on the threefold Learning - Creative Employment - Entertainment, contributing to aesthetic cultivation, linguistic-mental development, expression of emotions and stimulating children's self-confidence. It is aimed at children aged 3 to 18 and aims to help their learning process and social integration.

In a safe and stable environment, children, immediately after school, have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy meal and with the right guidance to study, fill their gaps, develop their knowledge, learn foreign languages, music and dance. In this way, children are given the opportunity to release their emotions and develop communication and expression skills, while through their participation in educational trips they acquire new images and stimuli.

The Children Support Centre of Elefsis is responsible for organizing and conducting the program with the support of HELLENIC PETROLEUM's that cover the cost of the pedagogical program, the purchase of surveillance material (stationery, laboratory materials, consumables), free heating, oil heating or oil Strengthening the nutritional needs of children through orders for the purchase of food, during the festive seasons of Christmas or Easter, organizing festive events / offering gifts to children, covering their participation in summer camps and covering their participation and participation in culture educational visits / excursions.